Our values

Southern Cross Gold Ltd holds high standards it expects the Board, senior management and employees to adhere to in pursuing our goals.

The directors and senior management have adopted extensive corporate governance policies and procedures that detail the responsibilities for incorporating these values across our operations.

Our core values are:


Adherence to our values are exemplified in large part by the actions of our directors and senior management as they adopt a “lead by example” approach to uphold our strategic and aspirational visions. All staff are encouraged to act honestly and with integrity in all interactions as a means of building trustworthiness and effective relationships.

We encourage a culture of risk awareness and reporting and allocate resources to address or minimise risks associated with the Company.  


We pursue excellence and strive for best practice with a fit-for-purpose approach through continuous improvement and adaption to reflect the circumstances of our operations.

We ensure our employees (including directors and senior management) and service providers have the appropriate skills and experience to perform their roles effectively and efficiently.

We have adopted a skills matrix with respect to our directors and conduct performance evaluations of the Board and senior management in each reporting period.

We seek to foster an open and supportive environment in our workplace practices and interactions with internal and external stakeholders, including shareholder engagement.

We seek to continuously adapt and build upon our relationships with external stakeholders (including service providers) to improve collaboration and enhance our reputation. We also seek to encourage shareholder participation at general meetings and to facilitate two-way engagement between us and our shareholders.


We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and non-discriminatory working environment to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, consultant contractors, customers, suppliers and other people who visit our workplace, or who we work with.


We show consideration for the value of our employees and service providers, as well as our shareholders and other stakeholders. We seek to comply with all legal requirements in connection with our activities.

Openness and accountability

We are committed to being transparent, unambiguous and accountable regarding our operations and seek to maintain regular, detailed communication with our internal and external stakeholders. We are committed to strict compliance with our disclosure obligations under the law (including the ASX Listing Rules as they apply to us).

We understand that the Board and our senior management are largely responsible for our social and environmental impact and these considerations form part of the strategic risk assessment undertaken by the Board in determining our risk appetite.