ESG Programs


SXG has an active ESG program which we are constantly developing and adding to it as our projects grow and develop.

We are a member of the Minerals Council of Australia (“MCA”) and abide by its policies, including its Water Policy and Towards Sustainable Mining ® (TSM), an award-winning accountability framework which helps minerals companies evaluate, manage and communicate their sustainability performance. We are an active member of the MCA in order to engage more broadly with fellow industry peers and stakeholders.  

We abide by and attempt to exceed the Victoria Code of Practice for Mineral Exploration to ensure an economically viable exploration mining industry which makes the best use of mineral resources in a way that is compatible with the economic, social and environmental objectives of the State of Victoria.

We have a dedicated Indigenous People’s Policy and actively engage with the Taungurung Land & Waters Council.

We have a dedicated Manager Geology, Stakeholder Engagement, and Compliance (Lisa Gibbons) for Victorian stakeholder management, community engagement and government relations.

We are committed to earning the trust of landowners and other community stakeholders. We strive to conduct all exploration activities by meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements and community expectations.

We encourage stakeholders and members of the local community to contact us with any issues, concerns or positive feedback they may have. Please use the Community Engagement Form in our Contacts page to reach out to us or on the email below.